The Best Mobile Game Ever – Rise of Clash Royale

About Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most played games in 2017, if not the most played game of many recent years. Quickly it gained a massive amount of installations during a period of only a few months. Many big companies could only dream of such a growth. The game is funny to play, it attracts many users to play daily, to collect bonuses, chests. It consists of a trophy ranking system. Players would compete with each others to be in the top 100 players of the world or of their home country. The game in 2017 offers many modes such as 2vs2, football mode and many more.

Game Development

Clash Royale is a game that takes a lot of time to be developed and fully tested. It requires thousands of hours of testing and even many more hours of coding, the easiest part would probably be it’s designing that takes the least time
to be finished. After the official launch the developers were able to quickly deal with all the bugs and glitches that would allow a player to get resources and have an advantage over other players. All the bugs were fixed and no major
problems were found so it is safe to assume and state that the game is 100% secure and cannot be hacked or reverse engineered in any way.

Clash Royale Gameplay

The game is very simple, nowadays it has many many modes and playing options, but back in the days it had only one mode, that one we will talk about now. It’s a simple 1vs1 3rd person player game that allows you to place troops on the
field and manage their position, so if you place let’s say a hog rider near the bridge, it will quickly jump over the bridge and attack the opponent tower quickly with much damage. Like Hog rider, there were many more strong and fast
moving units, one of those was the Prince who runs with it’s sword. Also it is important to mention that one of the best cards was Valkyrie who was very good at killing many troops around her. Nowadays there are many new cards that both ruined and enriched the gameplay.

Clash Royale Gameplay

Final Words Clash Royale

We would recommend this game for anyone to play, any age, from 10 to 50. You won’t regret installing it and you will feel a need to play it every day whether you’re in school or at work. The game offers a really high quality gameplay that attracts all ages and genders. So we suggest you to install it right away and start your journey in Clash Royale, believe us that it will never make you bored, we ourselves all do play it together and we have the same clan that we are in, you will feel rage at some times because it’s really competitive and you’ll want to win every time, but you can’t, other than that it’s only and only fun and nothing else, good luck with your journey!

The Best Mobile Game Ever - Rise of Clash Royale
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The Best Mobile Game Ever - Rise of Clash Royale
We talk about one of the most played mobile games in 2017!
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