One of The Most Popular Games in 2017

Release of The Game

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a game developed and released by PUBG corp. After the rumors came out, people were massively interested in the game. Mostly because of it’s interesting gameplay where they can interact with hundreds of players worldwide. The game became popular in a time-span of a few days, in its first days it got thousands of pre-orders on online gaming services such as Origin and Steam.

Early Stages of The Game

Firstly the game became very popular among various international youtubers who stream for living. Most of the leading and biggest creators of the platform began streaming the game, even youtube’s biggest star, PewDiePie, started streaming this game almost daily, after that point, millions of people were interested in the game and bought it. Now we had literally hundreds of top creators recording the game causing it to become mega popular very fast. All those things happening helped the game to gain massive popularity in the whole industry.

Game Popularity

The game managed to keep its popularity that skyrocketed with help of online streaming platforms. It was one of the best growing games of all times, considering the high price and a risk of buying a new game that has just launched, we can say that it did really great comparing to others. Therefore PUBG now has one of the biggest gaming communities we’ve ever seen. It took the first place on major game streaming websites like Twitch and YouTube.

PUBG Gameplay

About Gameplay

The gameplay is fairly easy to explain. All the players are fit in a plane, a total of 100 players are flying to one big island. While flying the players can choose when to jump from the plane, also they are equipped with a map so they are able to decide where, in what part of the map, they will end up. After reaching the ground, players split up and search for resources, ammo, guns and other goods. The ones who gain the best gear are able to conquer the game when the zone comes. The zone is a circle that keeps getting smaller as the time goes. All the players outside the zone get automatically killed by the game slowly. When the players see each other, they shoot on sight, the best team wins the game.

There are also vehicles that players can use for transport together with their teammates and to look for resources faster. Resources are distributed in houses that can be raided by multiple teams, making them interact. Island terrain is very complex so at some times it can be very hard for players to aim and spot enemies. There is plenty of space to hide in map and you can only see the location of your nearby teammates. At the end of the game there are only a few teams left for most of the time. The team that stays alive after all the other players are dead wins the game. After 100 players there are only handful of those left alive who are able to tell the story.

Final Words

We do recommend you to try out the game, it is very well balanced and it’s a lot of fun for everyone. You can check the game trailer that we will include below so you can decide whether you want to buy the game or not. Good luck!

One of The Most Popular Games in 2017
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One of The Most Popular Games in 2017
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