About Us

Noob Tools ™ (we’ll call it site) was found in first half of October 2017, hosted on WordPress platform and ready to post things about gaming industry.  The site will investigate and post game hacks and cheats that can help you in your game progress, they will not be intended to harm the game and should not be used for illegal purposes, the site will also post free stuff, aka freebies, such as free followers or likes for many popular social networks, also not for the purpose of misuse, but for fun and entertainment. Our team will strive to give you the best quality content, but keep in mind that the site will always be free to use so we won’t be obligated to post all the time, but that does not mean we will post really rare, we will post things occasionally and try to give you the actual gaming news, tricks to get more resources and many more.

We will do our best to be informed about the whole gaming industry, both mobile and desktop, also including gaming consoles, as they are a big chunk of the gaming industry. We will post original content and try to be unique, no articles and news will be copied from another websites, we will not risk our website for the sake of content, meaning all the articles posted here will be written by ourselves. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts for writing and posting great news, tricks and guides about your favorite games. In return we expect your support in comments and on our social network pages, that will be created shortly after the website is published. You will be able to reach to all of our social pages from our website header and footer (top and bottom parts). All the links will be included there and clickable.

Have fun everyone, we hope that you will enjoy getting free game tips, resources and guides, till the next time, enjoy!

– Noob Tools ™ Team

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